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Work In Progress

See what we are working on fot the next version of the game


We are planning to release the Steam version (Alpha 18) during 2018 (no precise date yet, it's a "when it's done" release date). Some release canditate version will be released a few weeks before the Alpha 18 final release so the players can test the game and help us to fix the most important remaining issues.

Expected Release Date: 2018
View Alpha 18 Changelog (Updated Regularly)

If you really want to follow the development of the game and know everything that happen behind the scenes ? Join the official Dangerous Rays Discord server !.

The "Live Development" channel of the Discord server will be updated almost everyday with infos about the current dev status and what is being worked on and you may also see some exclusive screenshots !

You can suggest some new features and give your feedback on our Community Forums. We are listening to you ! You can find all past Dangerous Rays updates changelogs here.