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See what we are working on fot the next version of the game


Please Note: This roadmap only show the work that is going on for the next version of the game.

It's been 2 years now since the release of the Alpha 17 version of the game. What is going on ? Why such time without any game update ?
Well after the Alpha 17 release we were able to have a more clear feedback from the players to know what they were liking and was working and not with the game (gameplay and engine wise).

After some serious reflexion we have decided to restart the engine and game development from scratch. Why ? Well for those reasons:

- We wanted to code a more modern and better game engine and switch to a DX11 renderer (old engine is running under OpenGL 2.1 wich is quite old now) to ensure a great compatibility in the future.

- To really take players feedback in account and to do a great game in the future we had to restart the gameplay programming from scratch. A lot of lessons were learned during the first development phase so it would help us to produce a much better game architecture and functionnalities.

So far this descision even if it has delayed the Steam version (Alpha 18) for two years now (time is going so fast !) has been the best descision ever made for us ! The new engine is shaping up nicely featuring DX11 support, Physically Based Rendering support, New gameplay possibilities...
The list of new feature and improvement is gigantic !

We are planning to release the Steam version (Alpha 18) in 2017 (no precise date yet, it's a "when it's done" release date). Some release canditate version will be released a few weeks before the Alpha 18 final release so the players can test the game and help us to fix the most important remaining issues.

Expected Release Date: 2017
View Alpha 18 Changelog (Updated Regularly)

You can suggest some new features and give your feedback on our Community Forums. We are listening to you ! You can find all past Dangerous Rays updates changelogs here.