Alpha 3 Released

And here is the Alpha 3 version of Dangerous Rays, nothing fancy again, mostly crash fixes and a new file system architecture to ensure the best compatibility across all computers. New gameplay features will arrive next week.

As always you will receive this update in your mailbox shortly.


The file system architecture has been replaced by a new one. Now userconfig.ini file, save files, debug log and screenshots are localized in the
“AppData\Roaming\DangerousRays” folder. To access to this folder use the Windows key + R and type %appdata% then click Ok.
This change has been made because it is the “windows standard way” of doing things and it prevent some issue regarding some user account that don’t have every admin rights. If you can’t launch the game at the moment it should solve your problem.

WARNING: your personal settings will be lost.


– Added “Invert Mouse” option in the controls settings menu


– Reduced player tiredness increase rate
– Maximum world size in the world creation window has been decreased from 512×512 to 256×256 because most of the computer can’t handle the generation of such big world properly


– Fixed crash on startup
– Fixed “K32GetProcessMemoryinfo” crash on startup
– Fixed crash when taking screenshot with the screenshot key on some specific PC configurations
– Fixed ability for player to sprint at full speed while going backward
– Fixed capital letter missing support in world names

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