Alpha 1 Released

Dangerous Rays Early access version (alpha 1) is now available !

The game is not enjoyable for now in terms of gameplay and this first version is just a technical demo to give you a quick preview of what Dangerous Rays can do and by buying it, you support the development as i am seriously running out of money and i have waited to the very end before releasing the alpha, i am to the point that i can’t continue the development without some funds. There is nothing much to do and nothing much to visit for now. Numerous updates will come in the future and there will be almost one update per weeks. If you want to have the same gameplay experience than other survival games on the market don’t buy the game yet and wait a bit !

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Core Features:

– Accurate physics engine powered by PhysX 3.3
– Advanced Daycycle (based on real world data, simulated moon phases…)
– Dynamic weather engine
– Advanced weapons ballistics
– Advanced lighting and shadows
– Nice graphics effects (SSAO, godrays…)


– Ability to sleep
– Ability to drink and eat
– Stamina simulation
– Trees cutting
– Physically based campfire building
– Dumb zombies killing
– Forest walking simulator


– Large procedurally generated rural environment (terrain, vegetation, building placement…)
– 5 Different types of buildings with some variations
– Detailed forests
– Localized and logical environment sounds system


– M9
– VZ-61
– G36-C

Melee Weapons:

– WoodAxe
– Baseball bat

Special Items:

– Flashlight
– Glowsticks (in different colors)
– Emergency Flare


– Basic Zombies (only one skin for now and a basic navigation system)

Modding support:

– XML based system modding support with various things to tweak / replace / create
– 3D Conversion tools provided to replace or add custom 3D models in the game
– Accessible textures and sound format used (.DDS and .OGG)
– Documentation will be added gradually and a collaborative wiki will be opened to handle modding


– Localization system is not finished, the game is only localized in English for now but expect a French localization very soon.
– Ability so save and load your progress / zone is almost finished but not yet in the game. This will be added in the first two week after the release.
– Switching between zones is broken and It will be fixed soon.
– The mutant called the “Stalker” is not in the game yet because of the recent development problems. Expect to see it very soon.
– The AI navigation system is not finished and while the zombies are doing a good job most of the time to follow you in building they don’t handle rocks and some static object correctly. This will be improved very quickly.
– You can’t die of thirst / starvation yet, feedback of player is needed first to tweak the evolving rate of those things before implementing the death of thirst / starvation.
– Advanced loot spawning system is not in the game yet but being made. The loot spawning system is very basic and random for now.
– The game is crashing when creating zones from time to time.
– And a lot of other small things…


The first two weeks will be dedicated to fix the most important issues and improve and expand the content already in the game.

So now you know everything about this first version, as i said if you want to buy the game and expect it to be like DayZ, Rust… Don’t buy it yet, if many player Buy it without knowing that the game is in a very early alpha state this could slow down the development a lot, i don’t want to spend my time to handle some bad players comment’s because they were not aware of the game current state and i am counting on you to help me to be sure that everyone is aware of that. Consider this as a kickstarter. You buy the game for helping me to keep working on the game.

Now my wish is to have a good core community of players that are aware of what an early alpha is and build Dangerous Rays with them. i will post many survey on this forum to take player feedback in account. This is not only my game this is also your game.

A special thanks to the test team, Jokletox, Voodoom, Pr3daTv, Solids, Xavier… And Hugues that made some 3D work so i can focus on the programming in the critical phases of the development before the release.

Thanks you to everyone for supporting the game and i hope that we will be able to make a great game in the future.

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