Alpha 10 Released

It is a pleasure to announce you the release of Dangerous Rays alpha 10 !

This update is the biggest update made so far. new buildings, new decorative objects, improved graphic effects, some bug fixes, this update is finally adding some fresh new things in the game !


Mxthe has been doing an awesome job by adding more than 500 new textures for actual and future use, by adding more than 30 new decorative objects and by modeling more than 5 new buildings. He has also worked on building interiors and it now looks way better with more decorative objects and the loot system has been changed so the items are spawning in more logical places than before. I am convinced that you you will love Mxthe work and he will do way more cool stuff in the future.
On my side I have done a lot of programming tasks as usual: AI navigation improvements, graphical effects improvements, zombies animation and sounds, the new loot distribution system and a lot of other stuff.

There still some big AI issues and i will work on it during next week, also there is still one zombie skin, some new skin will come very soon. I will do another dev diary on Monday so you guys can know what i am planning to do. New decorative objects can’t be stored in inventory yet, this will come in an update that will be released next week.

You should receive your download link in your mail box within one hour. Have fun with Dangerous Rays Alpha 10 ! ;)


– This is a complete version of the game and not a proper update. We recommend you to uninstall Dangerous Rays Alpha 9 before installing the Alpha 10 version.

– “cfg”, “save” and “screenshots” folders are now created in your user “C:/Users/UserName/Documents/DangerousRays” folder instead of “C:/Users/UserName/Appdata/Roaming” folder for more simplicity.
Because of this change you will need to tweak your game settings again.

 Previous worlds saves files are not compatible with this version and you will need to generate a new world.

– Irradiated trees are disabled for now, it will be added again later after some improvements.


– Added new zombie animations
– Added zombies sounds
– Added new buildings / structures (farm, water tower, 3 bus stops, gas station, shack)
– Added player fall damage (no broken legs for now)
– Improved AI navigation (AI is now able to correctly avoid static objects like barriers, rocks, cars… Most of the time)
– Added new zombie hit gore sounds (when hit by a melee weapon for example)
– Added new audio “global volume” setting in the settings menu
– Added more than 500 new textures for actual and future use
– Added more than 30 new objects for actual and future use


– Improved loot distribution / placement, loot will now spawn on shelves, tables and other logic places
– Improved navigation mesh generation speed
– Improved navigation mesh precision
– Reduced navigation mesh memory usage
– Jump key can now be used to stance up
– Improved player jump
– Player walk / sprint speed now depend on the climbed terrain slope angle
– Increased woodaxe and baseball bat impact range
– Reduced screenshot sound volume
– Improved sound reverb calculations
– Improved “Supersampling” setting presentation in the settings menu for more clarity
– Zombies are now correctly aligned if they die on the terrain surface
– Improved terrain flattening algoritm
– Improved roads flattening algoritm speed
– Improved baseball bat texture
– Improved grass coloration
– Improved color correction effect
– Improved HDR and bloom
– Improved FXAA coverage
– Improved Texture sharpening effect
– Improved sound engine performances


– Fixed cut object name on inventory icons
– Fixed objects spawning on roof issue
– Fixed terrain geometry going through buildings
– Fixed buildings spawning on roads
– Fixed cut text in the action menu
– Fixed objects white border rendering bug
– Fixed rare physics engine, objects physic envelope generation issue
– Fixed rare double played sound issue
– Fixed some ingame crash opportunities
– Other minor issues fixes


– Added new “penetrable” surface type config
– Added new “fabric” surface type config
– Added new “zombie” config type

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