Alpha 11 Released

Less than 48 hours after the Alpha 10 release, here is the Alpha 11 version of Dangerous Rays !

This is a bugfix update and it fix a lot of critical issue that players might have experienced in the precedent versions of the game.
Player fall damage system has been redesigned and you should not loose any health by just doing a little jump now. ALT-TAB support has been improved and it should behave way better from this version.
Last but not least compatibility on various hardware has been improved.

Sorry for some outstanding bug issues that you might have experienced with Alpha 10.

You should receive this update in your mail box very soon, don’t forget that you need to install Dangerous Rays Alpha 10 version first if you are running a previous version of the game before installing this update !


– Improved player fall damage system for more flexibility / reliability
– Improved ALT-TAB support
– Improved windows 8 systems compatibility
– Improved Nvidia GPU auto detection when an integrated graphic chipset (example: Intel HD) is present on the computer.


– Fixed crash when loading a saved zone
– Fixed player dying on spawn issue
– Fixed player loosing health while simply jumping
– Fixed sound issue when jumping
– Fixed sound issue when sprinting down a hill or stairs
– Fixed crash at launch on some windows 8 systems caused by the “Desktop display scaling” feature
– Random crash at “smoothing terrain” generation step should be fixed
– Fixed player able to stance up / down when dead
– Fixed player able to abort game when dead (death is permanent so player should not be able to abort the game on the death screen)
– Fixed Steam overlay not working properly (if the game is added in steam game list, the game is not released on Steam yet)

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