Alpha 12 Released

Dangerous Rays Alpha 12 is released !

This update is focused mainly on performance improvements. The core engine has been optimized a bit and now it can handle more objects by maintaining the same or even better framerate than Alpha 11 version. The structure generation (farms, forest houses, hunting points…) system has been remade from scratch and now you should have a must faster generation time. Along those changes a new “Cone Step Mapping” graphic feature has been added in the engine and it will be used in the next Alpha 13 version. This will give to building textures a great relief effect.
All building textures has been improved with details maps to make the texture sharper and less blurry.

Thanks to MxThe, in this version you will also find two new small houses and more than 15 new decorative objects.

Like always you will receive this update in your mail box very soon !

Thanks for your support and have a great time ! :)


– Added new “Cone Step Mapping” engine graphic feature (this feature will be used in Alpha 13)
– Added two new building in the world generation
– Added more than 15 new decorative objects for actual and future use
– Added a system in the engine to handle some special patching task between versions of the game.
– Added 5760×1080 (triple screen) resolution support


– Improved large quantity of textures by adding details maps
– Improved structures generation speed by 50%
– Optimized game engine core (5% to 10% performance speed improvement)
– Optimized shaders system
– Added / improved objects names and descriptions
– Improved generic trees meshes
– Improved grass color variations
– Improved Navmesh generation speed
– Improved Navmesh memory management
– Mouse cursor is now centered when arriving on the game main menu
– Improved game launch speed
– Improved grass shader performances
– Improved road border trees generation
– Optimized bushes rendering speed
– More decorative objects can be stored in inventory
– Trees are not spawning outside playable area anymore to save memory.
– Reduced tall grass height


– Fixed PhysX “Cuda” error message on startup with AMD graphic cards
– Fixed some errors in material files
– Fixed some incoherent possibility to lift some really big and heavy objects
– Fixed some camera movement bugs when walking on stairs
– Fixed shadow rendering bug with straw bales
– Fixed error “Error: getFilesList() function: invalid file handle for filter mods\*. Error is: 3”

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