Alpha 12 update informations

Hello Dangerous Rays players,

Dangerous Rays Alpha 12 update was planned to be release this week but due to some unexpected problems encountered the update will be released next week. I need a bit more time to code things properly rather than rushing and add some weird bugs in the engine. There is not much new exiting content for now but working on the game engine core is very important as it will be easier to add new gameplay content in the future.

However here is what you can expect in this update:

– New “Cone Step Mapping” graphic engine feature. ( … =1&theater)
– Two new houses and some small structures to explore in the world.
– Engine global optimization. (5% to 10% speed gain)
– More than 15 new decorative objects for actual and future use.
– Large quantity of building textures improved with details maps.
– Generic tree meshes replaced by better ones.
– More grass color variation.
– World structures generation speed increased by 50%, this will save around 30 seconds of zone generation time.
– Game memory consumption slightly reduced. (this will be improved again in future updates)
– Various other small changes and bugs fixes.

See you on next week for the Alpha 12 release and thanks for your support ! :)

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