Alpha 13 already in good shape

Hello there !

Here is a quick dev diary to say that dangerous rays Alpha 13 version is already in a good shape and should be released in less than one week from now.
Alpha 12 players feedback’s shows that the game performances are much better now. You will be glad to hear that some other performance improvements has been already made in Alpha 13, you should get a better framerate especially when thunder is active. Zone generation is even faster now, thanks to the object physic body generation system that i have improved quite a lot for this version. Be aware that i am also working on reducing the game RAM usage and i hope to get under 2GB with this version.

I have been also working on improving the terrain satellite procedural generation code, forests areas are now much better with more color variation and a good mix of green and brown colors.


I have also programmed a fake distant trees shadows system, distant group of trees look better now at far range. This feature cost nothing in terms of performance.

Mxthe has been working on modeling new shiny electric poles and adding new kind of food to the game so you will be able to eat something else than baked bean or cat food !

(don’t pay attention to the wrong rotation of electric poles on this image this will be fixed for the final alpha 13 version)

Last but not least, in Alpha 13 the player will spawn in his small underground survival bunker, this will be the first underground structure in Dangerous Rays.

Stay tuned to be informed about some cool new gameplay features that are being worked on in the next dev diary ! 😉


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