Alpha 13 Released

Here is the time for Alpha 13 release !

In this version the player now spawn in his survival bunker and there is now a dynamic ambient music system. Those two changes will immerse you much more in the game.
The brownish color correction effect has been removed and now the lighting is more natural. Distant forest rendering is now better due to a new terrain fake shadow system and an improvement of the satellite texture procedural generation.

Along those new things, a lot of engine improvements have been done to support future new gameplay features. Those kind of changes are not something that you will see immediately in the game but it is very usefull for the future development of the game.

Work on Alpha 14 has already begun and will be the biggest update ever made yet for the game, some big graphic engine improvements features are already finished and some interesting gameplay functions are on the way.

As always you will get this update in your mail box very soon. If you don’t receive any email you can use the link of any update email you received before, this will work.

Thanks for your support and don’t hesitate to show the game to your friends, we need more players to ensure a great future for Lonely Bits Games. :)


– Player now spawn in his small survival bunker
– Added underground structures support
– Added new ingame ambient music system
– Added 4 new food objects (will be used in Alpha 14)
– Added terrain fake shadows system
– Added 4800×900 resolution support (triple screen)
– Added “Music Volume” slider in settings menu


– Improved objects physic bodies generation system (50% faster)
– Improved procedural terrain sattelite texture generation quality and color variation
– Improved structures templates system (building interiors are further more improved)
– Sun lighting improvements (less brownish tint and more realistic)
– Improved sound engine performances and compatibility
– Optimized objects action menu memory consumption and processing speed
– Optimized objects spawn time
– Improved fog simulation
– Improved existing buildings interiors
– Replaced electric poles meshes by better ones
– Improved trees trunk texture
– Reduced thunder activation probability
– Improved thunder simulation performances
– Reduced ambient light blue tint
– Improved meshes LODS system performances
– Improved daycycle performances
– Various engine optimization and memory handling improvements


– Fixed some crash opportunities
– Various small bug fixes

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