Alpha 14 Released

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to uninstall the old version of the game before installing this Alpha 14 version or your game may not work correctly !

Dangerous Rays Alpha 14 is now released and this is the biggest update made for the game so far !

With numerous core engine enhancements, improved graphics, destructible crates, new weapons and improved gameplay this update make Dangerous Rays more interesting and a great base for the future updates.
More than 50 new decorative objects were added into the game to improve buildings interiors, some meshes like the car tires have been replaced with more high definition ones. Lighting is now
more realistic and contrast is better, thanks to the new Color Grading feature made in this update.

On the gameplay side you may like our new destructible crates system, you can now break crates and they will randomly spawn some useful loot if you are lucky. Watch for some green crates if you wanna find some gun ammo !
You can see those crates and some other improvements like objects physics impact sound by watching the video below.

As you can see in the video there is some new melee weapons, in fact there is 7 new melee weapons and one new M1911 handgun ! Ammo boxes textures has been also updated to have a better look.
Look at those new toys, aren’t they lovely ?!


The grass is updated (again) to look more realistic with some new color variation and some brand new plants that you may find growing into the grass.


6 new small buildings made by MxThe are now spawned in the game world and they really have a “S.T.A.L.K.E.R look”. Some of them are destroyed and fit really well into Dangerous Rays universe.


The game now support some custom made inventory icons (they were generated automatically before) so now inventory items look much better and is it easier to identify various items.


Cone Step Mapping feature is now officially supported by the engine and it will improve some surfaces quite a lot giving the illusion of relief on some flat surfaces ! Don’t forget to enable
this feature in the graphics settings menu !


If you have some 3D red/cyan glasses, you can now enable “Anaglyph 3D” feature in the graphics setting menu but be carefull and don’t puke everywere on your desk.


Please read the changelog to know everything about this update. Next week will be dedicated to the work on the official website, forums, and our official greenlight page that will be online very soon !
And we will need all your support to get Dangerous Rays distributed on Steam so please check the https://www.DangerousRays.comwebsite regularly ase there will be a lot of update there.
Also if you have bought the supporter edition of Dangerous Rays you will have your name showed in a special section of the website and soon in the ingame credits.

You will receive the update link in your mail box in less than one hour. Thanks a lot for your support. And see you in the next dev diary for a lot of announcements. :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to uninstall the old version of the game before installing this Alpha 14 version or your game may not work correctly !


– Added more than 50 new decorative objects (beds, drawers, sinks…)
– Added 2 new small houses
– Added 4 new destroyed houses
– Added destructible crates that drop some objects to loot
– Added objects physic impact sounds
– Added objects physic impact particle effect
– Added custom objects inventory icons support
– New gun: M1911
– New melee weapon: CrowBar
– New melee weapon: Chef Knife
– New melee weapon: Cleaver
– New melee weapon: Combat Knife
– New melee weapon: Femur
– New melee weapon: Lug Wrench
– New melee weapon: Truncheon
– Added Color Grading engine graphic feature (better colors, more contrast)
– Added Official Cone Step Mapping feature support (advanced relief effect on some textures)
– Added grass plants in the grass generation system
– Added new sun specular reflections graphic engine feature (metallic surfaces now reflect according to sun position)
– Added new dynamic cursor
– Added new food cans in the game world
– Added sounds when player open/close inventory
– Added new particle effect when hitting objects with melee weapons
– Added multiple attack animations support for melee weapons
– Added 3D anaglyph rendering support (accessible in the game settings menus)
– Added dynamic moving clouds layer (only working for NVidia graphic cards for now)
– “view_wireframe”, “view_bulletstrajectory”, “view_bulletsimpacts”, “weather_setovercast”, “weather_setinstantovercast”, “daycycle_acceleratetohour” consoles commands are now available even if dev mode is not enabled
– Added new console command “actor_spawn” that spawn entities of the game like weapons where your cursor is pointing at. for example type “actor_spawn crowbar::weapon” in console to spawn a crowbar.


– Improved XML file parsing system performances and compatibility
– Global engine lighting overhaul (Much improved realism)
– Much improved buildings interiors with plenty of new objects
– Improved forests generation quality
– Optimized grass generation speed (25% faster)
– Improved grass generation quality
– Increased SSAO effect coverage
– Optimized SSAO graphic effect (25% performance improvement when SSAO enabled)
– Optimized Bloom graphic effect (20% performance improvement when Bloom enabled)
– Removed “SSAO Quality” graphic setting (not useful anymore because of the SSAO optimization)
– Improved grass shading
– Increased grass draw distance by 20%
– Improved grass and plants loading system performance (reducing ingame micro-freezes)
– Plants are now also affected by the “grass density” setting
– Improved sound sources reverb calculations performance
– Escape key can’t be used to close the inventory anymore
– Improved depth of field effect
– Improved barn building mesh
– Improved items icons quality
– Spawned ammoboxes bullets count is now randomized
– Reduced objects white edges graphical glitch under bad weather conditions
– Improved clouds color realism
– Optimized game configs system
– Fire can now cause damage to player
– Improved game startup speed
– Reduced camera bob frequency when sprinting
– Lowered default mouse sensitivity
– Improved lighting specular reflections
– Reduced player object throwing force
– Reduced items bar transparency amount
– Various food properties tweak (more realistic nutrition and hydration values)
– Food / Drink effect on hunger and thirst is now instant for less confusion
– Improved ammoboxes meshes
– Improved melee weapons impact sound effects
– Trilinear filtering is now mandatory and not exposed in the userconfig file anymore.
– Ambient music is now played more frequently
– Screenshots naming convention changed from day-month-year-hour-minute-second.jpg to year-month-day-hour-minute-second.jpg ( … f=10&t=285)
– Various graphic engine optimizations
– Various engine code architecture improvements


– Fixed player underwater movement glitch (WARNING: Swimming is not implemented yet !)
– Fixed clouds graphic artifact
– Fixed player able to climb ladder with weapons or other equipped items in hands
– Fixed player able to climb ladder while grabbing objects
– Fixed wrong scaling of some trees
– Fixed “meleeweapon_pvmbaseoffset” property not taken in account in weapons configs
– Fixed zone fail to load bug when world name contain some spaces
– Fixed crash when loading a missing sound
– Fixed “You eat: …” hint message when drinking water
– Fixed ammoboxes inventory info window not displaying anything
– Fixed wrong sound effect played when drinking water
– Fixed game interaction cursor disappearing after mounting ladder
– Fixed fire sources memory leak
– Fixed some minor UI related bugs
– Fixed some rare crash opportunities
– Various other small bug fixes

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