Alpha 15 and Steam Greenlight information

Hello !

It’s been a long time and a lot of things has been going on lately. We have launched our Steam Greenlight page and it is having an huge success ! We on a very good way to get greenlit and we are very happy about that because Steam is the final goal of every indie PC games. Once Dangerous Rays will be approved it will be much easier for us to deploy more regular updates for the game and much easier for player to keep it up to date.

Because of the success of the greenlight page, we had to manage a lot of things quicker than original planned. This is why we have decided to delay the alpha 15 update release to the end of the month.
This update will contain some interesting changes, memory consumption improvements and a complete overhaul of zombies. Zombies navigation will be much more efficient and zombie density will be increased to provide a better challenge. The work on the zombie navigation is going to be very useful for the future integration of animals and hunting gameplay in the near future.

Along those things you can expect some new engine additions to support futures game features and new weapons for this alpha 15 update.

Thank you for your great support. :)

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