Alpha 16 Released

It is now time for Alpha 16 release (finally !)

In this new update you will find a brand new user interface. We have changed color theme, and added some icons to replaces old colored and ugly progress bars. Inventory has received some updates too and should be nicer and easier to use now. You can see the new user interface on the two images below. Along those changes i have made several tweak and bug fixes and added a new gun slide procedural animation system to gun fire is now more satisfying.




As you can see this update is smaller than you might expected. Do we have abandoned the game ? Of course not ! I have decided to put most of my effort on the Steam version from now. This Steam version is developed on a completely different branch than the current public version of the game. Why ? Well because the Steam version will have a TONS of improvements and can’t be merged properly with the actual version of the game. Of course the gameplay base still the same but i am improving everything on the technical side. I am going to release various information on the Steam version at the beginning of November after the Paris Games Week event and i will have a Tons of things to share with you about what i am working on for this upcoming brand new version.

This Steam version is the future of the game and that’s why i have decided to focus my efforts on it. This doesn’t mean that the current version will not be updated anymore but updates will be smaller so i can work on the Steam version and release it in the beginning of the new year with a lot off new features and a much improved engine. For now the roadmap page is suspended till the release of the game on Steam. Of course if you may not know yet, every actual owner of the game will receive the Steam version for free.

Please be patient and you will be rewarded with a better engine and a better game in the near future. :)

As always you will receive this update in your mailbox soon.

You can buy the game at:


– Complete user interface style overhaul
– Complete player HUD interface overhaul
– New “Skip Nighttime” function (accessible with T key)
– New “Vignette” post-process effect
– UI custom skins support
– Shotguns engine support (first shotgun will be added in the next update)
– Buckshot and slug shell “bullet” type support
– Added sound when activating glowsticks
– Added sound when dragging items in inventory
– Added 3 alcohol bottles food item (alcohol negative effect on player will be added in the next updtate)
– New gun slide animation system, gun slide parts are now animated
– Added new user interface text font to replace the old generic one


– Improved text rendering
– Optimized meshes culling algorithm
– Reduced aliasing
– Improved smoke texture
– Improved player inventory user interface
– Improved XML configs system performance and reliability
– It is now possible to unassign the item from the assigned items bar by pressing the key (from 1 to 9) already assigned to the item.
– Improved guns simulation performance
– Slightly improved XML configs loading speed
– Various engine code architecture improvments
– Game now automaticaly launch “DangerousRays_avx.exe” or “DangerousRays_avx2.exe” if a proper compatibility with your CPU is found
– Reduced Z fighting graphic artifacts
– Various other small changes


– Fixed numerous issues regarding AI navmesh generation
– Fixed some wrong impact sounds localization
– Fixed player interaction cursor active when displaying game main menu, console, inventory screen…
– Fixed some audio engine crash opportunities
– Fixed various small issues in audio engine
– Various other small fixes

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