Alpha 17a Released

Hello everyone !

First, don’t be too exited ! This update is not the big Alpha 18 update ! We have just made some important fixes and small changes to the Alpha 17 version (so we named it Alpha 17 A) as a little Christmas gift :)
In result of those changes the game is now a bit less buggy and feels less “empty” as the world buildings/structures density and zombies count has been increased.

This is a tiny update (8 Mb) but it is an opportunity to play Dangerous Rays prototype version a little bit again while we continue the work on the Alpha 18 big update.
Existing owners of Dangerous Rays are going to receive an email with a link for downloading this update. Please note that you need to have Dangerous Rays Alpha 16 or 17 installed on your computer to be able to install this Alpha 17A version.

The next thing is that Winter Sale is now started ! You can get the standard or supporter version of the game for a low price till January 4th ! If you want to support us please tell to your friends or inform the players on the gaming forums/website that Dangerous Rays is on sale. This can help us a lot !
Also be aware that you can offer Dangerous Rays as a gift by selecting the “is it a gift ?” option when you purchase the game.

You can see the offers on the Buy page:

We hope that you will all have a nice Christmas time. You are supporting the game for more than 3 years now and thanks to you, the game will leave it’s prototype state to enter to the alpha state and will be released on Steam in 2017.

See you soon after the new year’s eve for a new Dangerous Rays dev diary !

Oh, before leaving, here is the changelog of the Alpha 17A version (do not forget to generate a new world when you will play the game) ;)


– Added information message about Alpha 18 update status


– Increased structures/objects generation density
– Traveling between zones feature is now disabled as it is very unstable and cause game crashes. (This feature will be back in the Alpha 18 version of the game)
– Added ammo boxes loot type in regular breakable crates
– Balanced loot in breakable crates
– Reduced roads generation fatal error probability
– Zombies spawning density increased by 50%
– Zombies are now less easier to kill when hitting them in the dead with a melee weapon or a gun
– Zombies can now be killed by damaging their bodies / legs / arms…
– Improved roads network density
– Improved engine stability
– Slightly improved engine performance
– Inventory can now be closed by pressing escape key
– It is now less difficult to break crates
– Disabled player collision with broken crates debris to prevent some issues


– Fixed freezed zombies after loading a saved zone issue
– Fixed freezed zombies when damaged issue
– Fixed knocked zombie animation not working
– Fixed very dark shadows issue
– Fixed player UI visible in zone generation loading screen
– Fixed invisible items in player GUI items bar after loading a zone issue
– Various other small fixes


– While zombies AI is less buggy now there still some big issues left in the AI navigation system, those kind of issues will be fixed in the future Steam (alpha 18) version of the game. For now zombie are more some dumb targets to shoot at than anything else.
– It’s heavily recommended to generate a new world each time you want to play to the game as the save/load system is quite unstable at the moment.

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