Alpha 17b Released

A new update is now available for the prototype version of Dangerous Rays. This update is fixing some important issues and add some minor gameplay features. This update will make the prototype version a bit more enjoyable.

This update was made based on the collected community feedback from the game official Discord server so thanks to everyone ! You should receive the download link for this update in your mail box very soon.

Please note that the game is now available back for purchase on our store.

Important: This update is a standalone version so you don’t need to already have the alpha 16/17a installed.

Here is the complete changelog of the Alpha 17B version. (do not forget to generate a new world when you will play the game)


– Added “Equip” player action for weapons
– Added 1920×1280 display resolution support
– Added 3200×1080 display resolution support
– Added 3440×1440 display resolution support
– Added 3840×1080 display resolution support
– Added 3840×2160 display resolution support
– Added 4480×1440 display resolution support


– Reduced Depth Of Field blurring amount
– Reduced player head bobbing amplitude by 50%
– Player now automatically re-equip last used item/weapon after dropping/throwing a grabbed object
– Player now automatically re-equip last used item/weapon after going up or down a ladder
– Slightly improved road meshes generation performance
– Updated alpha 18 status info message
– Improved game shutdown process
– Removed Physx GPU acceleration support (fix some performance and compatibility problems with newer GPU’s)
– Removed AVX and AVX2 versions executables (confusing for players and marginal performance gain)
– Changed default screenshot key to F11 instead of F12 as it way conflict with Steam screenshot system if using Steam Overlay
– Removed world size setting when creating a world since it was not relevant anymore because the zone switching feature is currently disabled
– Simplified the world creation process
– Removed irradiation icon from player GUI as player irradiation is not implemented yet
– Pressing the sleep key does no longer unequip the currently equipped weapon/item
– Slightly improved zone construction speed
– Minor performance optimization
– Minor gameplay adjustments


– Fixed zombies completely ignoring building and objects for their navigation
– Fixed frozen zombies AI after loading a zone
– Fixed big FPS drops when player was near big camp fires
– Fixed bright water rendering issue
– Fixed bright clouds at night issue
– Fixed terrain vegetation system issues
– Fixed localization issues
– Fixed some compatibility issues
– Fixed random crash on startup issue
– Fixed bloom effect related graphic artifact issue

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