Alpha 5 Released

Another bug fixes update. Some gameplay adjustments were made too. The game should be more stable compared to Alpha 1 now so some new content will be added soon.
I need to check and fix things and i will write a simple modding tutorial in a few days. Expect a small Roadmap to be added on the forum soon.

This update will be deployed soon, check you emails to get the update “UPDATE_Alpha5.exe”. Enjoy ! ;)


– Added 30hz and 59hz refresh rate support


– Player now spawn with one food and one drink item
– Player can run longer without being out of breath now
– It is now possible to take already activated glowsticks back in inventory
– Improved grabbed object physic behavior while player is moving / sprinting


– Fixed keyboard detection and WASD keys default assign for English and French keyboard
– Fixed crash when changing screen resolution
– Fixed empty world list bug
– Fixed flying electric poles
– Fixed flying cars
– Fixed tree chopping progress bar being displayed on trees that can’t be chopped down
– Fixed some random crashes when closing the game

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