Alpha 7 Released

And here is the version Alpha 7 with the much anticipated world save/load feature !

Don’t expect the save/load feature to work perfectly for everything but it should be mature pretty soon.

Along with this major feature, changing zone is now supported and you should not loose any items of your inventory by doing so. You will be able to see an improvement regarding terrain and grass rendering as described in my last dev diary here:

As usual i have made some bug fixing and added the fixes in this update.
You will receive this update in your mailbox very soon.

Oh before i forget, i will announce something cool during the next days. Stay tuned !


– Added world Save / Load feature (EXPERIMENTAL STATE)
– Added official zone change support


– Improved terrain rendering
– Improved grass shading
– Improved grass rendering performance
– Optimized glowsticks performances
– Reduced player breathing sound volume
– Improved localization support


– Fixed deleted inventory items when changing zone
– Fixed fire effect rendering bug
– Fixed flare glow effect rendering bug
– Fixed weapons upside down when sprinting while looking at the ground
– Fixed wrong “You Eat: …” player hints
– Fixed bush shadow rendering problem
– Fixed weapon firing when clicking on the sleep button
– Fixed flying mushrooms bug

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