Alpha 8 Released

Another bug fix update for fixing some issues regarding the save/load feature along some minor improvements. I will spend the rest of the week to fix bugs related to zombies AI / Navigation and adding sound to them and different models and animations. Some cool features and content is coming for next week and i will talk about that in my next developer diary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your alpha 7 save files are not compatible with this version, you need to recreate a brand new world.


– Added new gun “Count bullets in magazine” action
– Added new “straw” surface type


– Improved terrain and grass coloration / shading
– Improved action menu (added auto-resize feature)
– Improved ballistics engine bullet penetration deflection simulation


– Fixed player properties being not saved (health, hunger…)
– Fixed impossibility to change gun bullet type bug
– Fixed impossible to climb ladders after loading a save bug
– Fixed bullets not penetrating straw bales

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