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Lonely Bits Games is a small indie game studio. In fact it is composed of only one full time developer, Franck alias “OldSnake” who have some past experience in the professional video game industry. We are focusing on making great and affordable indie games exclusively for PC. Please note that we are not hiring at the moment.

Core Team (Working on the game at a full time basis)

Name : Franck Poulain (Alias OldSnake)
Job : Project Lead / Programmer / Game Designer
Nationality : French
Current Location : Brittany, France
Twitter: @OldSnake22

Work Description :

Franck Poulain (a.k.a OldSnake) is the founder of Lonely Bits Games and the main developer of Dangerous Rays. His work consist of programming the engine and gameplay mechanics and deciding the main direction of the game, marketing, webmastering… He is a busy guy !

If you would like to know more about him,  here is a short biography.

Past Experience :

– Project Lead / Main Developer of the Xtrem ArmA Mod. (Armed Assault mod)
– Designer at Bohemia Interactive Studio. (ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead)
– Designer at Bohemia Interactive Studio. (ArmA 2)

Occasional Contributors

Name : Xavier Maupeu
Job : Math Guru
Nationality : French
Current Location : Bordeaux, France

Work Description :

Xavier is a talented game programmer. When things are going wild Xavier is always here to give OldSnake a hand.

Past Contributors

Name : Jeremy Faucomprez (Alias Mxthe)
Nationality : French
Current Location : United States
Twitter: @Mxthe

Work Description :

Jeremy Faucomprez has been working on the game until the Alpha 17 version release as a game designer and level designer. He is now very busy and can’t work on the Dangerous Rays anymore as he is the producer of Insurgency Sandstorm, a game by new world interactive (Check it out !) .

Past Experience :

– Project Lead / Main Developper on the “UnderHell” Source Engine mod.
– Technical Level Designer at New World Interactive. (Insurgency)
– Producer at New World Interactive. (Insurgency Sandstorm)

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