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Collaborative Development

You can follow the game development in realtime and discuss with the game creator on the official Discord server. We are constantly trying to be very close to our players. We are working with the community to make the game better by providing them some tools like the bug tracker or wiki.

In-House Game Engine

Yes that’s right ! We made our own in-house game engine. Using a custom engine instead of some solutions like UE4/Unity allows us to have complete control for futures improvements and it mean that we can easily distribute a lot of modding tools for modders.

Game As A Service

Dangerous Rays is developed with the “game as a service” philosophy. We are planning to release many updates per month during many years and we have a roadmap to see what’s coming for each updates. No DLC’s, no microtransactions, once you buy the game you have all the future new content for free.

Extensive Modding Support

Dangerous Rays was made with modding support in mind. With the integrated editor, a huge amount of content can be created/modified, new maps, new weapons, changes to object properties, new sounds and textures and so on. We are providing complete modding documentation for helping you to create awesome mods.

Indie And Pretty

Dangerous Rays feature an advanced DirectX 11 renderer. With Physically Based Rendering, HDR, dynamic soft shadows, SSAO, godrays and tons of other eye candy stuff. This post apocalyptic world looks good !

Procedurally Generated

The world of Dangerous Rays is procedurally generated using some complex algorithms. This mean that your experience will be different each time you start a new game. Players can also create maps and share them with the community. The procedural world generation system is continuously improved with new features and fixes in each game updates.

Real World Physics

The physics simulation is powered by NVIDIA PhysX. A lot of things in the game is physically simulated so everything will react and behave realistically. Ballistics is also simulated according to real world physics. The gun bullets are real objects in the world and move according to gravity, wind, bullet mass and size. Bullet penetration is also simulated according to surface types (wood, metal, dirt, concrete…).

Complex Survival Mechanics

The game have some great survival features, you will need to find food, water, medicine and various others object in order to survive. A lot of things is simulated: hunger, thirst, body radiation level, wounds infection… If you don’t pay attention to the various dangers of the world like radiations, you are going to die rather quickly.

Detailed And Living World

Day cycle and dynamic are simulated with accurate sun position according real world astronomic data, real moon phases, dynamic clouds, wind simulation, thunder with localized thunder strikes that can affect the world… Dangerous Rays is full of interesting objects, places and creatures to discover.
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