Going 64 Bit

As some of you may already know Dangerous Rays new major update will bring 64 bit support ! This mean that the game executable will be compiled in 64 bit instead of 32 bit in the actual version. Here is some technical explanations:

How will 64-bit executable affect Dangerous Rays ?

64-bit executable is a purely under-the-hood technical change and should have no negative effect on how the game works.

Why are you releasing the 64-bit executable ?

Memory footprint of Dangerous Rays has been increasing over time with the past updates, and planned new features and expansive future modding support will accentuate this memory usage. The 64-bit executable will allow the game to access the entire physical memory of your computer and avoid out-of-memory crashes related to 32-bit memory limitations. Most modern PCs these days ship with considerably more memory, often 6-8 GB or more, and this memory could not be used with a 32-bit binary, where the limit was only 4 GB or even 2 GB in case of 32-bit systems. The 32-bit Dangerous Rays version is essentially sometime starving for memory while several spare gigs of memory are idling in the operating system.

What are the benefits of this change ?

Using the new 64 bits executable should alleviate memory related issues you may have experienced in the past. Many users have already reported crashes when loading the game or switching to a different zone in the past. The framerate should stay more stable during long play sessions and the most important thing, more allocatable memory means that the game will be able to handle more objects, more NPC’s and more elements in general bringing more life and immersion in Dangerous Rays world.

I have a 32-bit OS. Can I somehow use the 64-bit executable ?

Unfortunately not ! 64-bit executable can only be used on 64-bit operating system. You need to consider upgrading your 32-bit operating system to 64-bit version to be able to continue to play Dangerous Rays. 64 bits OS are required for a lot of new games now and it is really time to upgrade old 32 bit operating systems.

Please stay tuned for more information about the future major update of Dangerous Rays :)

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