Hello !

Another small dev diary for talking about the future new engine of Dangerous Rays.
In the actual version of the game, language localization is not very well supported. There is one main problem, special characters accents like é, à, ê… are not supported. This makes French, German and a lot of other languages not displayed in the user interface.

This problem is now fixed in the new engine, special characters are now handled very well. I have also changed the localization files structure and the internal engine handling to improve the flexibility and performances of the localization system. Modders will be able to do some “translations mods” easily.

Russian players will be glad to hear that Cyrillic support has been added in the new engine so i hope we might see a Russian translation mod in the future.

That’s all for now. A lot of things are being made in the new engine right now and i will have a lot of other information to share soon. You can see some exclusive screenshots on Facebook from time to time :)

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