Introducing a new member in the dev team

Hello Dangerous Rays players !

After 2 days of rest i am ready to continue my work on the game, and from now i will not be alone anymore in the dev team. Please allow me to present you Jeremy Faucomprez aka “Mxthe” a quite known Half Life 2 modder who has worked on UnderHell mod which is very popular and has received many awards at ModDB like the 3rd editor choice last year, and is also working on the game “Insurgency”. He will now work on Dangerous Rays as a buildings maker and “level designer” for populating thoses buildings with various objects.

This will allow me to focus even more on the programming side of the game which is a good thing even if i am supervising the work of Mxthe to make sure that everything is right. I spent some time last week to teach Mxthe on how to work on the Dangerous Rays engine and now he is being quite autonomous in his work. He has started to work on some bus stations and a gas station. Let me share some work in progress pictures with you.





I have taken the players feedback in account and i have given to Mxthe the task to add details maps to almost all textures to improves the buildings / object textures quality (screenshots do not feature thoses improvements).

I am now programming a decal system so Mxthe can place some graffiti, rust stains and other things on the walls / floor to improve the look even more and break the texture tiling impression.
My other big task this week is to start improving the zombies by adding more zombies skins, add new animations, sounds and expose everything in the XML configs system.

The next Dangerous Rays Alpha 10 update will be probably released at the end of the week, this will be a pretty big update as it contain more than 500 new textures and dozen of new 3D models that will be used in the future for making new buildings. You can also expect to see the gas station and 3 different bus stations in this update and maybe some other miscellaneous buildings. Next week Mxthe will start to build some new farms and houses. And of course bug fixes and some new small gameplay features/changes and the first zombies related improvements.

So please be patient we are now doing our best to provide more playable content for the next weeks, but rushing things is not a good idea i need to make sure that everything is compatible for the things that i will add later in the game. :)

Old Snake

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