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Hello !

It’s been a long time with no news about Dangerous Rays development. A handful lot of things have been going on behind the scene lately and since i am the leader of this project and also it’s main programmer i got a lot of work. So that’s why over the last weeks i wanted to invest all of my time by working on the game instead of giving some too early information on what i was doing at this time.

Dangerous Rays now have a completely new engine ! The old engine was not strong enough to handle the evolution of the game as i wanted too. So i have made the radical decision to made a new one !
This process was “simple”, take every weak points of the old engine and try to make it in a much better way. One of the biggest mistake with the current version of the game was to focus too much on graphics features. For the new one i have decided for the Alpha development phase to focus on:

– Engine stability
– Gameplay features
– Interesting NPC’s
– Modding capabilities

This is not meaning that the graphics of the new engine are going to be awful but it will be a bit less “impressive” than the old version at first. But on the other hand the game will run much better and everything will feel much more smoother than before with this new engine.
Graphics will be of course much improved in the future but when the time will be right to do so.

64 bits support, new multithreaded graphic engine for more performances, map editor, modding scripting API, Steamworks support, vast others enhancements, a lot of things will be new in this future Steam version, stay tuned for detailed information on this new engine and how it will improve your experience.

Do not forget that you can get the very early access version of the game right now for 12.99€ and get a free Steam key when the new Steam version of Dangerous Rays will be released. We need your support to be able to continue our work !

Buy link:

Thank you for your patience and see you soon !


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