New website, forums and community tools

Welcome on the new Dangerous Rays website ! Everything has been remade from scratch and we are now using a much better website architecture than the old one. Because of this you can expect this website to be updated quite frequently with some news, dev diaries… Also you can now register and put comments on articles.

Additionally we have done a complete redesign of the forums. The design is now much better for the eyes and there are now some social sharing button to share topics on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit ! Please note that the forums address is now The old address will not longer work in the future.

Last but not least there is a new community wiki online and the bugtracker is back ! The wiki will be updated gradually in the coming months with content about the game most importantly the modding documentation so everything is ready for the Alpha 18 release on the platform this fall. The bugtracker has been updated  and cleaned up so every bug reports of the Alpha 17 version are deleted. Please do not report any issue related to the Alpha 17 version of the game. For now until the Alpha 18 is released you can use this bugtracker to report any important issue related to the website, wiki, forums…

We hope that you like the new web environment for Dangerous Rays ! Thanks again for your support and see you soon for a new dev diary that will explain what has been made since the beginning of 2018 !


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Love the new website !

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