Operation Productivity Boost

Just a quick post to share some information with you.

I have ordered some new hardware for my workstation. Lasts months were very hard with my old and dying Harddrive and my 4Gb of RAM.
After 2 / 3 Hours of work my PC was already very slow and my productivity was severely very affected.

I have ordered two high performance SSD and 12Gb of RAM, so i will get an huge productivity boost with that and i will be able to deliver more fixes, change and features for you guys in each updates 😉

I am finishing the work on Alpha 7, it took a bit more time than expected but Save/ Load feature is a quite complex task.
Expect the Alpha 7 to be released tomorrow with some good bug fixes and the terrain / grass rendering improvements.

I will announce something interesting soon for those who are looking forward for new buildings to explore in the game.

Thanks for your support so far and i hope you like the work that i am delivering so far.


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