Planning of the week

Hello Dangerous Rays players,

This week i will work only on optimization. I was not satisfied with the Alpha 10 version performances and memory consumption, Alpha 11 did some nice bug fix and compatibility improvements but it is not enough.

I am going to spend the next days to optimize the engine a bit and reduce the game memory consumption. Hopefully i will be able to reduce the zone generation time, i am aware that some generation steps are far too long, like the farms generation step that can take a lot of time. I need to fix those kind of issues so i can add new gameplay features with a clean version of the game for the next week.

Mxthe will work on some new buildings and new decorative objects to improve the buildings interiors even more, his task for this week is also to add details maps that i have prepared to the existing textures. This will improve the textures quality. You will also be able to take more new objects in your inventory if you want to transport them somewhere else. (cinder blocks for example)

Thanks for your support so far and don’t hesitate to talk about the game wherever you can if you want to help the game and studio development.


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