Progress Report

Another week has passed (way too fast in my opinion). With that very shocking and sad terrorist attack here in France I was not in the best mood for working on the game but I have managed to to some things anyway.

Here is what i have done:

– New “Watch” item:

I have made a new watch item. This item will need to have batteries (future new item to be added) if you want to use it. You will be able to get the current time, date and set an alarm.


– Scripting system improvement:

I have made some optimization and improvements for the scripting system that will be used for modding in the future.

– Sound engine improvements:

Like last week, I have made some further optimizations and minor improvements to the sound engine.

– Editor improvements: 

I have done some improvements to the editor that will be shipped with Alpha 18 version for modding purposes. It more and more practical and nice to use every day.


– Misc improvements and fixes:

A lot of minors improvements into the engine where made like usual.

See you next week and thanks for you support, it’s good to feel that some of you guys are around. :)

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