Progress Report

Hello everyone !

Time for a new small dev diary for explaining what I have been able to do this week.

1- GPU Accelerated Physics

I have integrated GPU acceleration support in the physics engine. This mean that instead of being calculated on the CPU the physics will now be calculated on the GPU. This dramatically improve performances of physics calculations (4x to 6x faster).
This feature is supported by NVidia and AMD GPU’s. In case of some compatibility or performance problems on some PC, i have made this feature optional so it can be disabled in the game settings at any time.

This is opening the possibility for some advanced objects/building destruction in the future (can’t make any promises on this yet)

2- Editor Further Improvements

Editor/Modding tools have received some new improvements and features:

– New noise map generator using the latest “UberNoise” system I have made. Useful for generating heightmaps for the terrain or any other creative usage.

– New “Collada DAE” 3D model import format support for importing 3D models in Dangerous Rays engine. So now .OBJ, .FBX and .DAE file formats are officially supported.

– Improvements to the model editor and the content browser for optimizing productivity and workflow.




3- Miscellaneous improvements and new features

– Small improvements to the engine architecture
– Numerous small improvements in different areas of the engine
– Physics character controller improvements and fixes
– Improved physics rigid bodies shapes generation performance
– Improved physics queries (raycasts, sweeps…) flexibility and performance
– Shaders cleaning and optimizations
– UI small improvements and fixes

That’s all for this week ! See you by next week if everything is going well :)

Thank you for your support and your comment’s. This is really important for me.


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