Progress Report

Hello everyone and happy new year ! Another year has passed and Dangerous Rays Alpha 18 is not released yet. What is happening ?

1- Development State

I have spent much more time than originally planned on programming my own tools and modding tools. I have clearly made a mistake when I have evaluated the time required for finishing that task.
Fortunately most of the tools are now production ready and I can finally start to work on the core gameplay and use those tools…

I want to make it clear for everyone: the development is not paused ! I am working very hard on the game almost every day. Till now I was just focusing 100% of my time on the coding side that’s why you didn’t had infos about the development state for a quite long time period. But starting from now, I am going to invest more time in the communication with you guys as I will have more things to show and talk about.
I have made some investments for my work space: new multi monitor configuration, better keyboard… Oh and I have also cancelled every potential holiday periods in 2018. This should help me to get the job done faster. ~o)
A new forum topic has been created here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=567. In this topic i’m going to post my development progress on a regular basis. This topic is not locked so you can interact with me and suggest me some new features and comment the things I am working on.

Now I need to replicate every Dangerous Rays Alpha 17 (prototype version) features and improving them of course for the Alpha 18 version. This will take some time so don’t expect to see some gameplay video footage very soon but it should definitely start to shape up very nicely around this summer.

2- Forums update

One minor info: As you may have noticed, I have updated the forums system. The forums are now faster and more responsive on smartphones and I have added SSL support along with numerous security fixes with some improvements to the visual style.

That’s all for now !

Yeah I know this dev diary was way to short but as I said be prepared for more activity on the social networks from now on and do not forget this forum topic: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=567.
Once again thank you for your support and see you soon on the Forums / Facebook / Twitter ;)

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