Progress Report

Hello everyone,

Almost one year since the last dev diary. I’m sincerely apologizing for this silence. Things has been quite rough last months for two reasons:

1 – I had to found some funds to keep up Dangerous Rays development. This is now solved and I will be able to continue Dangerous Rays development.
2 – I have moved to another place and the process has been quite long (almost two months).

So everything is now solved and the road ahead is clear !

New Office

Now i’m working from my new flat and things are way nicer than before. I have way more space and a quieter environnement and i’m feeling way better. Therefore I hope my productivity will be greater now.
I have also upgraded my work PC and it has for example greatly boosted my code compilation time so I can save almost one hour per day, so one more hour of work instead of waiting for code compilations.

Development State

Development has been very slow since the last year until now, I’m still trying to find some good gameplay architecture I can base my gameplay components on and fortunately that problem is nearly solved. I have refined the modding tools and they look great and done a tons of core engine minor improvements but yeah the gameplay is not ready yet.
In the next days I need to update the code libraries that my engine is using and tools public documentation on the wiki so do not expect to see some exiting things just yet but at least I will inform you regularly in case you are interested.

I would like to release a tech alpha build on featuring modding tools and first pieces of gameplay content in a few months. Dangerous Rays development will be a very long process but I would like to involve the community very early on while the foundation are being made so I can get a constructive feedback.

New Start

So from now I will post more dev diary and be way more active on the discord server. Even if there is no new big feature to show I would like to communicate more on what i’m currently doing.

See you very soon !

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