Progress Report

Hello !

Time for a another small dev diary for showing you the work that i have done for the alpha 18 version !

1- Improved Weather Effects / Sky

I have finished the new weather effects and the new sky system. Lighting realism is improved, fog rendering is better, performances are increased, new moving clouds layer is added, moon simulation is improved…
You can see some of my dev test in this video:

2- Water Effects

I have finished the new static water shader that include realtime reflections. Like a lot of things, water rendering performance has been improved.


3- Rain

Finally ! Rain is coming in Dangerous Rays. Rain simulation is quite complex in Dangerous Rays alpha 18. Each rain drop is simulated independently (with almost no performance impact) so in the future the rain will be able to fall on player and making his clothing wet. So you will need to try to find some shelter if it’s raining too much. Rain will be shown in a future video before the alpha 18 release.

That’s all for now, be aware that there is a lot of things that have been added / improved but not listed in this dev diary. Work in progress page has been updated to list the latest main changes:

Things are moving more and more quickly now as the end of the year is coming.
Stay tuned for more dev diary soon ! :)


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