Progress Report

Hello everyone !

Here is the Dangerous Rays dev diary 22.

1- Alpha 18 Delayed

So let’s begin with the bad news. Unfortunately i will not be able to release Alpha 18 for Christmas. Ive been doing a lot of administrative work to keep Lonely Bits Games studio running so because of this i am quite late on my development schedule. Those administrative task are done (since a few days only) and everything is clear and nice now so do not worry Lonely Bits Games doing good ! Alpha 18 version release period is set to “early 2016” now and a more precise date will be given in January.

2- Development Progress


I made numerous improvements in shaders so the surfaces can look more sharp and detailed as you can see on the above screenshot. Another big change is that the playable zones are now 8×8 km size instead of 4×4 km. So yes that is twice the size of the Alpha 17 version, thanks to the 64 bits compilation and the memory consumption improvements that i have made in the engine. Bigger zones are going to be nice for the future vehicles integration so finding a vehicle will be important to travel over big distances in the world.

I have also made various other improvements:

– PhysX engine updated to the latest 3.3.4 version
– Vegetation billboards system improvements
– Sound engine improvements
– Occlusion culling is now threaded to improve performances and reduce micro-shuttering
– Added blinn-phong specular lighting support
– Optimized complex math operation with CPU SSE instructions (performance improvement)
– Improved ingame editor (modding tools)
– Numerous other minor improvements

3- Christmas Sales

The game is available for 6.49€ for the normal edition and 9.99€ for the supporter edition. That’s a 50% discount and it will stay at this price till the 4th January !

Please note that i have added gifting support so you can now buy the game for a friend.


As always thank you for your support and do not forget that if you are worried about anything or if you just want to discuss with me or give me any idea you can mail me at contact[at]

See you around Christmas for a new dev diary ! I’m going back to work !

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