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Hello everyone !

Here is the Dangerous Rays dev diary 23 ! Ive been doing a lot of work in January but there is quite a lot things to do before releasing a playable Alpha 18 version. I really want to do my best on this release so the game can give a good impression at first so for now no release date. I will only announce it when the alpha 18 version is nearly finished :)

1- Audio engine improvements

In the old version of Dangerous Rays the sounds loading process was not very optimized and was causing some freezes when the sound was loaded first. You could for example feel some little but annoying framerate freezes when you were firing with weapons…

Because of this I have made a new system for sound source loading in memory. Sounds are loaded in another CPU thread so now they won’t cause freezes anymore. I have also made some other optimizations to make the global sound system faster.

2- Weather audio effects

I have implemented weather audio effects like wind, rain, thunder… Those sound effects will sound more realistic and are more dynamic than before. Ambient wind and rain sound will sound different if you are inside a building for example.

3- Modding Tools

Making modding tools making is taking a lot more time than expected but i am very pleased by the results. Dangerous Rays Alpha 18 version will be shipped with those tools:

– Zone (map) editor
– Models editor
– Models converter
– Material editor
– Texture editor
– Texture converter
– Mods manager

And i might even make other tools before the Alpha 18 release. All of those tools are directly integrated in the game and accessible via the main game menu. I also want to integrate steam workshop support so mods can be made and distributed with ease so that will be another future task for me :-B

4- Save / load system improvements

Save and load system was very buggy in the old version of Dangerous Rays. Honestly that was quite a piece of s***. With huge memory leaks and some stability issue it was almost impossible to travel between zones without crashes for example.

I am right now taking care of this task and so far everything is much better, the system is now actually stable, more flexible and the save file structure is more simple and the save file is taking less space on the hard drive.

5- What’s next

I will keep working on this save / load system and continuing my work on the zone editor.

In the next days I might post some screenshots to show you a bit more about the modding tools on Facebook / Twitter.

Thank you everyone ! :)

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