Progress Report

Hello everyone,

Long time no see ! I had a ton of personal things to handle to last 3 months because I have been moving to another house and region.
That was very hard and time consuming but I have managed to keep working on Dangerous Rays and I have done some nice things anyway.

So i’m sorry for the lack of dev diary those last months but be sure that the development is still going on :)

Some month ago i have tried to implement Physically Based Rendering / PBR:

Used for example in Unreal Engine 4 into DR Engine but my implementation was not very good and i had suspended this feature integration.
Because i hate to give up on things that I want, I have resumed my work on PBR since the beginning of June and I have almost finished my work. My new PBR implementation is much better and reliable so it will be implemented in Alpha 18.
Here is some screenshots of some tests of PBR surfaces, more screenshots showing different surfaces types will come soon.




As you can see metallic types surfaces rendering is much better. Light reflection is much nicer and every surfaces are improved by this new PBR technique and everything will look more realistic and believable in the game.

Apart from that big graphical feature I have been working on dynamic weather logic improvements. Weather is now more realistic than before and the rain can now fall from time to time. I am looking forward to code some gameplay feature related to the rain (player wetness simulation and so on…).

I have also worked on DX11 textures arrays integration into the engine. I have used that new graphical feature to improve terrain looking and make the texturing system more “flexible” and efficient in terms of performances.
Speaking of terrain, I have coded a system to detect the terrain surface type under the player foots so no more grass footsteps sound everywhere yay ! That system will also be used to improve procedural terrain vegetation massively. I have also done a tons more improvements in the engine core that will help for doing a much smoother and interesting gameplay in the future.

I am now working on weather temperature simulation. This will affect the player health simulation and even the speed of sound simulation. (yeah the game is very “detailed”)
For your reminder i am programming a whole new engine for Dangerous Rays Alpha 18 version, that’s why it takes time but it is mandatory for having a nice game that will be successful enough once released on Steam.

See you soon (no bullshit this time) for some new screenshots and infos ! :)

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