Progress Report

Hello everyone,

Just a quick report of what i have done this week :)

– Physically Based Rendering (PBR) improvements: 

Physically Based Rendering is starting to look really great. Metallic surface type looks much better and the lighting on different surfaces is much more accurate.



– Sound engine improvements: 

I have done some more optimizations and fixes in the sound engine.

– Weapons bullets simulation improvements:

I have integrated weapon ballistics simulation into my new engine. Compared to the old simulation the new one is much more faster in terms of performances. I have fixed some micro freezes caused by bullets when they where fired and optimized surface penetration calculations. I have also coded a brand new bullet tracer effect so it’s now looking great.

– Grenades engine support:

I have coded grenade support in the engine. I am planning to do several type of grenades in the future (this will be especially useful when human NPC’s will be in the game). This include:

– Frag
– Smoke
– Flashbang
– CS
– Incendiary
– Sting

– Colored dynamic specular reflection:

The rendering engine is now capable to render dynamic colored specular reflections on objects.


– Glow Sticks:

Glowsticks are back with some performance and rendering improvements. I have fixed a quite nasty micro freeze when the glow sticks were activated.


– Misc improvements and fixes:

As always i have also done quite a lot minors improvements into the engine core to expand it’s capabilities.

See you soon for another dev status report ! :)

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