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Dangerous Rays was originally released in 2014 as a prototype version. In 2015 after the release of the Alpha 17 update we have decided to reboot the game entirely and make a much more modern and scalable engine by collecting all the feedback received from the players to our advantage.

We are now working since 2015 on the Alpha 18 version that is going to introduce this new engine and will mark the real beginning of Dangerous Rays development. Do not expect much gameplay content when the Alpha 18 version is going to be released. This will be a long development process and we will work with the community and continue to add content to the game gradually by listening the players feedback as we have always done.


Estimated Release Date: 2020

By connecting to our Discord server you will be able to watch the “Live-Development” channel featuring almost daily messages about the current development status of the game.

New Game Engine

Work on the new game engine. 100% new code, DX11 renderer, Physically Based Rendering, physics engine, audio engine… There is a lot of things to do ! More than one million lines of code already written !

Modding Tools

Complete set of ingame modding tools.

Modding Documentation

Modding documentation in the community wiki.

Scripting API

Scripting API that can be used by mods.

Alpha 17 Gameplay Elements Reproduction

Reproduction of most gameplay features that are already present in the old Alpha 17 version. Release Preparation

Preparation of the release on game distribution platform.

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