Status Update

Hello everyone ! Time to share more information about the new Dangerous Rays version development process.

Things are moving more and more fast now, i have made some changes in the workflow and this had some very good results as i am now more productive and some tasks that were a bit long in the past are now considerably faster.

Last week i have been working on the new terrain system so it can be faster to be rendered on screen and have more useful features. (more efficient realtime relief modification, terrain shadows support and a lot of other things)

I have also started to make a new day/night cycle system. The new system is now photo-realistic with a nice dynamic cloud layer system. This new day cycle is also much more optimized that the old one.


I am also happy to say that Xavier (see: is now working more actively on the game with me and he is working on a brand new roads system right now. And the first results are amazing ! The system is much more optimized (it’s more than 100x faster \:D/ ) and you can say goodbye to the 2 minutes long framerate drop after the player spawn. This new roads system will be of course available in the new Dangerous Rays maps editor. Don’t worry you will be able to see this map editor soon.

As always thank you for your support and patience and do not hesitate to buy the game to support the development till the new Dangerous Rays future big update.


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