Terrain improvements and zone save feature


I just wanted to share my last work with you guys, i have been working on terrain and grass rendering since yesterday and i have made some nice things.

First i have been tweaking the procedural satellite texture generation code of the terrain. Now the terrain is looking a bit better at the distance and you will have more color variations. The colors gives a nice northern feeling to the scene and this is what i wanted to do.

The next thing i have been working on is to tweak the grass shader. Now the grass looks more realistic and blend better with the terrain colors.
I have also increased the density effect of the grass. A lot of you guys have requested better grass rendering distance, i am working on it.

Now i am working on the most requested feature: Zone saving / loading. This is not a very hard task but it takes time. You can expect the next update this week end.

Have fun with Dangerous Rays and don’t forget to talk to your friend about the game. And before i leave, here is some nice screenshots i have made for you to show you the new grass.





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